Rajkumar Gupta proposes marriage to Rani

No One Killed Jessica’ director Rajkumar Gupta is secretly in love with actress Rani Mukherjee claim by his crew members. According to them, whenever Rani was on the set, Rajkumar can’t take his eyes away from the actress. He is smitten by Rani and always find reasons to be close to her.

Divulges a source, "It was quite obvious for everyone that Raj was quite smitten by her. He found every excuse to be close to her and even insisted on playing a cameo in the film where he gets to propose to Rani's character."

One of the scene in the film demands a character to propose Rani in the office and Raj insisted on playing the character. Though not in real, in reel he wants to experience the feeling of proposing marriage to the lady of his heart.

When asked about the special bonding with his leading lady, Gupta laughs, "Yes that's me shouting, 'Marry me' to Rani in one sequence.

Someone else was supposed to do the cameo. But no one had the guts to say those two words to Rani. So I took up the challenge."

Gupta’s feeling for Rani is so strong that he has almost decided to cast her in his new film, ‘Rapchik Romance’. Unlike his other two films, it will be an out and out romantic musical movie.