Rajinikanth opens up about his drinking habit

Superstar Rajinkanth gets candid about his drinking and smoking problem and praised his good friend and actor Sivakumar, who always retricted him from drinking. The Thailaivar goes down the memory lane and remembered how his good friend Sivakumar always raised objection in his drinking habit, telling him to give up his bad habits and look forward to his bright acting career. 

There is no secret about Rajinikanth facing health realted issue due to his drinking and smoking habit.

"I have learned some invaluable life lessons from working with him in films in the past," Rajinikanth said in the letter published by Indiaglitz.com. "At a time when I was an addicted to drinking and smoking, Sivakumar used to advise me saying I would become a great actor and not to spoil my health with these habits."

Rajinikanth played second lead to Sivakumar in 1977 films 'Kavikuyil' and 'Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri'. "He is a good man, honest man, decent man, and he has been blessed by the god. His words came true. I made it big in films, even as I spoiled my health due to my habits."

"Whatever he says is true. If we follow his advice, we will be healthy both physically and mentally. Praying for his long life, my heartfelt wishes to this great actor and great man (Sivakumar) on his 75th birthday," he signed off.