Rajinikanth is fine, moves out of ICU

The prayer of million fans has finally been heard by God. Matinee idol Rajinikanth who was in ICU for couple of days has finally been moved out of the ICU. The actor has shifted him to the normal ward. To avoid infections, Rajini was shifted to the ICU.

Doctors informed that before moving him out of the ICU, extensive tests were carried out and only after confirming that he is doing absolutely fine, he was shifted to the normal ward.

Rajinikanth has food by his won and spend time in the hospital watching IPL matches. Doctors said that he is doing fine and will be discharged from hospital very soon. Hospital authorities have restricted visitors and he was allowed to spend time with his family members only.

His son-in-law Dhanush is very thrilled and updated the fans about the superstar’s heath. "Happiest day of my life!! Superstar is shifted from ICU to normal room. If anyone has any doubts you are free to investigate at SRMC hospital. All rumor spreaders can go to hell. God bless,” tweeted Dhanush.