Rajini feels awkward in making love with Deepika

Deepika Padukone and Rajinikanth starred in 3D film Kochadaiyaan’ and Deepika left for Chennai to shoot a romantic song for the film. The song reportedly has some love making scene between the duos to which Rajini raised objection. The actor felt uncomfortable in doing the intimate scene with the dusky beauty.

Rajini 62 asked his daughter Soundarya to chop down the lovemaking scene in the song as he is not feeling at ease in getting cozy with Deepika who is too younger to him.

The song has been choreographed by Saroj Khan and composed by AR Rahman. Saroj as we know makes the actor to do some steamy moments and here too she gave some cozy dance steps. Rajini isn’t very comfortable in doing so and he expressed his hesitation to his daughter.

Deepika intervened and she made the south superstar feel ease. She made him feel comfortable and asked Rajini to shed his inhibitions and give his best.

A source from the Kochadaiyyan team says, "Rajni Sir wanted the romantic movements and gestures to be watered down. But Deepika insisted on letting them be. She, in fact, made sure Rajni Sir was comfortable."

When quizzed about the romantic song, Kochadaiyyan producer Dr Murli Manohar said, "It's a brilliant song -- A duet with classical undertones. It's not a classical dance number, as wrongly reported in the media. A R Rahman has outdone himself in the song. It's an extremely romantic song with classical elements woven into it. But it isn't a classical dance number."

Rajinikanth has done ‘Endhiran’ with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan but he did not have such feeling before. Their chemistry rocked on screen.

Hope, Rajini will spark magic with Deepika too.