Rajeshwari Sachdev tests negative for Covid-19

Bollywood actress Rajeshwari Sachdev has been tested positive for coronavirus. She has completed her 14-day quarantine and recovered from the virus.

Sharing her health status, Rajeshwari wrote a long note, “14th day musings...Ye chooha pahaad tod ke nikla... bilkul aisi si feeling ho rahi hai. These 14 days of fighting Covid -19, Isolation-ekaantvaas, has been like a war within and out. Apart from the physical, the challenge is equally for the mind. It’s not ki chalo bhai test aa gaye you are positive now, the 14 day quarantine begins-Pade raho.... . All the tests to check level of infection, getting in to a CT machine to check status of lungs. Then the thali of dawaaian. This keeps you in a stupor for the 1st few days and then once status is known..... only dawa and dua is the course of action in that ekaant kaksh. The mind plays games. With all the Google gyaan, mind goes into a spin doubting every medical advise given....Then the worst, one is talking to and telling God and that corona virus inside.. “I am going nowhere! I am needed on mother earth I will be a terrible misfit up there - big time trouble”

She further shared details of living in isolation and wrote, “Then you hear outside the door ,” beta kya khaogi”? Then the most palatable of food comes from the mothers. Friends start calling, the son keeps rising on video calls and I thank God for the strength and support of family and friends. I am so grateful to all the Doctors who have been only a phone call away, not only treated me but very patiently allayed and assuaged all fears and worries.A thankyou to the BMC for waking me up every morning to ask for my live covid update and then some evenings chatting me up with a questionnaire was very reassuring. The whole universe is conspiring to keep me awake and here....I pray that all affected get the medical attention and the love and support of their friends and family to tide this over P.S. This pic is how I shoot from home.”

She has been shooting from home for Shaadi Mubarak ever since she was diagnosed with the virus.

Meanwhile, Rajeshwari’s actor husband Varun Badola and son tested negative for the virus last month.