Rajesh Khanna’s live-in partner Anita drags Dimple, Akshay to court

Yesteryear superstar Rajesh Khanna’s muse Anita Advani slapped a case on his family after his death. She filed case against all the members of Khanna’s family, Dimple Kapadia, his two daughters Twinkle and Rinki and his son-in-laws Akshay Kumar and Saran. She reportedly charged Rajesh Khanna of physically assaulting her when she was only 13. In her complaint, she said that Rajesh Khanna grabbed and kissed her when she was in her teens. She added that she kept silent then as he was a superstar and she was awe of him.

Anita Advani also accused the Khanna family of domestic violence. She filed case against all of them for evicting her from his bungalow on Carter Road in Bandra on November 8.

Following the allegation, on November 9, Magistrate S S Deshpande had ordered Khanna’s wife Dimple Kapadia, son-in-law and actor Akshay Kumar and daughters Twinkle Kumar and Rinke Khanna Saran to file their speak on or before November 27. Under Section 19 of the Act, Advani refrained, “dispossessing or in any other manner disturbing the possession of the aggrieved person from the shared household whether or not the respondent has a legal or equitable interest in the shared household”.

Advani said, “I have proof for all that I have claimed. I am looking forward for the court hearing.”

Anita Advani claimed that she took care of Rajesh Khanna during his last days when no one from his family was by his side. She claimed stake of Rajesh Khanna’s 150 crore property and she demanded maintenance of Rs 10 lakh per months.

She even claimed that when Rajesh Khanna was in the hospital, Dimple and Twinkle came and in her presence forced Khanna to sign on some legal documents. She said that she had the proof of the incident on her mobile phone. She added that she had a scuffle with Dimple as she asked her to delete the photos and videos from her mobile phones.