Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow was haunted

‘Aashirwad’ will very soon be converted into a museum which will have all the memorabilia of the late superstar Rajesh Khanna. But few know that the eye-catching sea side facing bungalow ‘Aashirwad’ of late superstar Rajesh Khanna which is garnering lots of attention these days is haunted.  Rajesh Khanna's 'Aashirwad' has some very interesting facts dense within in.

The bungalow actually belongs to later yesteryear actor Rajendra Kumar. Rajendra Kumar sold the bungalow to Rajesh Khanna for a meagre three and a half lac rupees. Knowing about the history of the bungalow, Rajesh Khanna purchased it from him and performed puja before entering it. During the sixties only few bungalows stand at the Carter Road and ‘Aashirwad’ was one of them. The localities then called it a ‘Bhoot Bangla’.

 It is also said that during the last days of his life, Rajesh Khanna was totally left alone and the one time hunted house started to haunt him.

This is not enough, another interesting fact about ‘Aashiwad’ is that the bungalow was originally named ‘Dimple’ by Rajendra Kumar and when Rajesh Khanna purchased it, hardly did he knew that he will marry a woman by the same name Dimple Kapadia. When Rajendra Kumar sold this bungalow to Rajesh Khanna and went to a new bungalow, Rajesh Khanna decided to keep the same name but Rajendra Kumar turned furious as he already named his new Pali Hill bungalow 'Dimple'. Later, the superstar changed the name of his bungalow to ‘Aashirwad’. Rajesh Khanna purchased the bungalow from Rajendra Kumar despite knowing that it is haunted because at one point of time Rajendra Kumar was a hit star and he had the feeling that he would achieve success like him.

Whatever, haunted or not haunted, ‘Aashirwad’ was special to Rajesh Khanna and will always remain his integral property. It has seen his good days and bad days. Rajesh Khanna has seen many ups and downs in his personal and professional life and ‘Aashirwad’ is the witness of all those he has faced in his life. He breathed his last at his bungalow whom he adored his entire life. He has gone but ‘Aashirwad will always remind people of the first original superstar of Bollywood.