Rajesh Khanna’s Bungalow renamed to Vardaan Ashirwaad

The doyen of Indian cinema, Rajesh Khanna, must be turning in his grave. His daughters have renamed his bungalow from ‘Ashirwaad’ to ‘Vardaan Ashirwaad’.

It hasn’t made many people happy. Especially, his live-in partner for the last eight years, Anita Advani is not at all hiding her dislike. She was quoted as saying to a leading daily, “Ashirwaad was synonymous with his name. Kakaji's father had given the name as he felt whenever anybody writes to his son, he would benefit as Ashirwaad means blessing. But the family has spoilt the name. It hurts me to see that his wishes are not being respected."

Another source close to the Khanna family said, "There is a new board outside the house. Kakaji had got the name made in silver lettering. The same font has been used for Vardaan which has been prefixed before Ashirwaad.'' 

Ever since Kaka (Rajesh Khanna) passed away on July 18, the residence has got engulfed in a legal tangle. Anita had sent a legal notice to the Khanna’s family to ensure that she is not evicted from Ashirwaad. About the legal notice, however Anita had said, “He (Khanna) shunned and abandoned me in his last days. After doing so much for him for 10 years, I could not take it lying down. My legal notice was to him.” About his estranged family being involved in it she had said, “His family treated me really badly and did not let me see him. I’m not sure if they took advantage of him being so weak, but I can’t understand how a person can be something one day and then turn 180 degrees the next.”

Anita and Rajesh Khanna shared a unique relationship. It was more about bonding than love. As Anita had said, “We are so close. We don't want any strings attached. I think we are very happy as we are. It's a very special, sacred relationship and I truly cherish it. Unlike a normal relationship, there are no demands and expectations. This is much deeper.”

She had even refused to eat anything, the day Kaka passed away. She had said, “I feel very privileged to be very-very close to him. He is a very intelligent and romantic person. We hang out. We are at home together. We do go out for dinners and go on after-dinner drives.” 

Earlier she had told to Mid Day News, "I am great friends with Rajesh Khanna. I have known him for a very long time. I love him... who doesn't."