Rajesh Khanna would behave strangely with me, Hema Malini

Veteran actress turned politician Hema Malini opened up about her equation with the first superstar of Bollywood, late Rajesh Khanna. Hema Malini acted in 13 films with Rajesh Khanna but the duo shared a strange relationship.

Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini had a weird first encounter. During the shooting of their first film, ‘Andaz’, Rajesh Khanna landed on the set late and behaved very unprofessionally which miffed Hema Malini to the extreme level. Despite the film's success, producers were sceptical about casting them together due to their friction.

Hema Malini told Mid-Day, "I don't know what the issue was but something was amiss with Rajesh Khanna. He would behave strangely with me in the initial days. No doubt he was the reigning superstar and women would adore him for his charm. But I didn't give him any special bhaav as a co-actor... Rajesh thought that I was arrogant while I thought that he was too full of himself."

Hema Malini and Rajesh Khanna’s Jodi became hugely popular and they starred in movie likes Vijay, Sitapur Ki Geeta, Babu, Hum Dono, Rajput, Suraag , Naseeb, Dard to name a few.