Kakaji gifted me mangalsutra, applied sindur on my head, Anita Advani

As veteran actor Rajesh Khanna’s last film, ‘Riyasat’ is ready to release, his live-in partner Anita Advani gets nostalgic and she spoke to Times Of India regarding the beautiful lives she has spent with Kaka. She said, "Absolutely, 360 degrees. I have moved from Aashirwad to a new house. It's been absolute trauma, mentally, emotionally and monetarily."

Speaking about Rajesh Khanna’s equation with his family, Anita said, "He had no relationship with Akshay Kumar or anyone. It was only after 2011 when we performed Puja at our home, Twinkle and Akshay started coming home, but not regularly. It was after May 2012, when he fell ill, they started coming between regular timings," said Anita.

She further elaborated about kaka's relation with his family. "He was not attached to his daughters or his wife Dimple. They didn't get Aarav in five years to visit him. Rajesh Khanna discussed things with me, but he would not mention about his daughters or Dimple," added Anita.

Anita speaks about his bungalow Aashirwad, "Kakaji sold one of his Mud-Island property to renovate his Aashirwad bungalow. Rajesh Khanna and I sat with people, paid their bills and looked into each and everything about the changes in the bungalow. He was very particular about things and he used to like everything at its proper place. I feel bad that I was the only one with kakaji in his last days, but I was deprived of my right. He considered me as his wife. We were always together and spent some beautiful moments with him," said Anita.

On being asked about Rajesh Khanna as a person, Anita said, "I would say that it was difficult as well as a nice experience with Rajesh Khanna. As times I used to cry as he was a very difficult man, but for few moments I used to feel good as he used to make me feel so good about me. He had a style of his own and it was difficult to be without him. He used to be difficult after his drinks. I knew him and accepted things about him. I loved him as a person and took care of him."

Anita said Kakaji gifted her mangalsutra, "He gifted me a mangalsutra, but he said like everyone I won't put that around your neck, but he made a bracelet for me. That's a very special gift given to me by kaka. Also, he applied sindur on my head and that's a special moment for me. He was such a nice person that I miss him every morning as he used to get tea for me," added Anita.

Anita believes that life is difficult with Kakaji but it took courage to fight over Aashirwad with his family. "Even kakaji wanted to turn Aashirwad into museum. I didn't ask Aashirwad for me. He has more property than Aashirwad. I just want his dream to come true after his death. There are a lot of people who discouraged me but I fight for kakaji," said Anita.

While revealing about Rajesh Khanna's personality, Anita said, "He was a very reserved person. His staff used to not allow his fans to meet him. He was totally alone, but very dignified. He used to not talk unless the person was his friend. He used to tell me that he couldn't live without me. Even if I used to go out, he used to make calls and ask about me."