Rajeev Paul and Hrithik’s Sister Seeing Each Other?

TV actor Rajeev Paul rejects the rumors that he and Hrithik Roshan’s sister Sunaina, are dating each other. According to Rajeev they both are very good friends. He also told that he was not only close to Sunaina, but he was close to the entire Roshan family.

“Sunaina has been my friend even before 'Bigg Boss' (happened). We have been going out. I am also fond of her entire family. We all laugh at this.” said Rajeev.

 He said candidly, “first time, we found it (rumours) embarrassing. But now it doesn't affect me. She is a wonderful girl and I am blessed to have great friends. The entire family are such wonderful people and I just adore them.”

 He added “Just because I am close to them, that doesn't mean that I am having an affair with Sunaina.”

Rajeev had participated in 6th season of Color’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. In the same season even his ex wife, Delnaaz Irani also participated. Both of them stayed in the same house under cameras. 

Rajeev and Delnaaz were staying separately since 2010. They were married for 14 years. They got divorced last year only.

Recalling his stay at ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Rajeev said, “I am blessed to be part of 'Bigg Boss' as people got to know what I was actually made of. I get so much love, it has been overwhelming.”

“My stand towards Delnaaz never changed, no matter what happened. I am a happy soul and I look at the good things...whoever has been through a rough patch in life, they will understand It.” he added.

He also clarified that he never criticized or spoke ill for his ex wife. He said, “I never said one word against Delnaaz and I never will. Sometimes when there is something bad, people notice it, but good things take time. I am glad people saw all sides of me.”

However Delnaaz told at ‘Bigg Boss’ show that she had seen tumultuous two years while their divorce was on way. She told that after their marriage, she was the bread winner and Rajeev stayed at home. He used to wait for a good break in the movie. She confessed of paying the EMIs for Rajeev’s flat. Ironically after divorce, on the one hand, Rajeev’s flat is loan free, she is still pouring in EMIs for her flat. She told that she bore all the entertainment costs of her husband and supported him morally as well.