Rajeev Khandelwal to marry Manjiri Kamtikar

TV star and the actor of film ‘Aamir’ Rajeev Khandelwal is going to marry his girlfriend Manjiri Kamtikar. Manjiri works for an ad agency. They are very serious about their relationship and with the consent of their parents they will take their relationship to the next level.

Both the parents met and discussed about their children’s marriage plan. Ring ceremony will be held in May and marriage in December. Rajeev and Manjiri both are very happy about their engagement and marriage.

Confirming the news, Rajeev said, “Yes, Manjiri and I will have a ring ceremony in May. I am very happy today. And I still remember that day when I went up to her parents a few hours before you guys printed the details about her and told them that I love their daughter.

It seems just like yesterday. For me, Manjiri is the most beautiful girl. She is the epitome of today’s woman who has her head firmly on her shoulders.”

His fiancée-to-be, Manjiri, added, “I’ve known Rajeev since quite some time now. We are very familiar with each other’s virtues and flaws. In fact, we balance each other’s weak points. We match each other perfectly.”

Earlier Rajeev is rumored to have dated TV actress Aamna Shariff.