Rajamouli regrets sharing details of Sridevi's salary

The controversy surrounding Sridevi rejecting the role of Shivagami in S.S. Rajamouli’s epic film ‘Baahbali’ hasn’t ended yet. According to Rajamouli, Sridevi was initially approached for the role but due to her ‘unreasonable’ demands, she was dropped and Ramya Krishnan ultimately did the part.

Sridevi had recently expressed her shock and said she was upset that a person of Rajamouli’s stature had made such claims. Now, the director has opened up on the issue. While Rajamouli didn’t clarify the truth of the matter, he did express his regret at speaking about it on a public platform.

“As for whose version to believe, I guess it is for people to decide. But one thing is for sure. I shouldn’t have discussed the details on a public platform. That’s a mistake. And I regret it,” the filmmaker told DNA.

Rajamouli also expresses great regard for what Sridevi has achieved in Mumbai. “I have huge respect for Srideviji as a flag-bearer of the southern film industries in Mumbai for many years. I wish her all the best. And I wish ‘Mom’ a big success as the trailer looks very intriguing and promising.”

Earlier, Rajamouli had in an interview claimed that he had dropped Sridevi out of his ambitious project after hearing about her demands. He said that it happened for the best. Sridevi had allegedly asked for an entire floor for her stay, along with ten flight tickets and Rs 10 crore as remuneration.

When asked about it, Sridevi had said, “If I demanded such things, producers would have made me pack my bags long ago, and I wouldn't have completed 300 films in 50 years. My husband (Boney Kapoor) himself is a producer, so we know the practical difficulties of producers. And so, I know not to make such unreasonable demands. I don't know... may be, the producer would have told such things to Rajamouli or there might have been some miscommunication.”