'Raja threatened to kill my daughter', claims Shweta Tiwari

The saga of Shweta Tiwari and her ex husband Raja Choudhary seems never ending. After being physically and mentally abused by Raja, Shweta claimed that now Raja threatened to kill her daughter, Palak.

She claimed, “Recently, he even threatened to kill Palak saying ‘ek saal tu aur badi ho jaa. Tujhe jaan se maar dunga’. I have one bodyguard for her. I have another bodyguard who is constantly guarding my house”.

Shweta even accused Raja of arriving during odd hours at her home and breaking things. She also said that her daughter is afraid of him and doesn’t want to meet him.

Recalling the past, Shweta said that when she was expecting Palak, Raja slapped her so hard that she almost fell down. 

She has filed for divorce and once she gets divorce from Raja, she will tie the knot with her boyfriend Abhinav Kohli.