Raja Chaudhary’s girlfriend to enter Bigg Boss

Shweta Tiwari aka Prerna of Kasauti Zindagi Ki is going to receive another shock from Bigg Boss. Her ex husband’s girlfriend Shradha Sharma will enter Bigg Boss as wild card entry. She has already been targeted by the new entrant, Dolly Bindra. She was verbally attacked by Dolly Bindra and both had a severe brawl on the show where Dolly raised some old issue and humiliated her. In result, Shweta was full of tears.

Raja Chaudhary was also invited on the show and he was not sure for what reason, he received a call from the channel. Raja is unhappy as whatever Dolly has done to Shweta. He sympathizes with her.

"What Dolly is doing within the "Bigg Boss" house is downright cheap. She has no business picking a fight with Shweta over something that happened long back," he says, adding, "All my sympathies are with Shweta. She had supported me as my wife when the incident with Dolly took place. And she's being troubled unnecessarily."  

Shweta Tiwari is already hurt. Well, this new entrant will surely take away her peace in the Bigg Boss house. More trouble is waiting for Shweta.