Raj to surprise his wife Shilpa on her B-day

Life is full of surprises after marriage for actress Shilpa Shetty. Her husband Raj Kundra surprised her in many occasions and he has stored one more surprises for her long-legged and sexy wife. She is going to celebrate her birthday on June 8 and Raj has planned a surprises trip for Shilpa. She is not aware of the destination.

Delightful Shilpa blogged, "Glad Raj is back to celebrate my 1st birthday after marriage on the 8th of June. He has instructed my manager to keep 7th, 8th, 9th free to surprise me with a break (Yes, he`s full of surprises! He`s made arrangements for a trip but I have no idea where to... too sweet, all very exciting)."

Shilpa who is judging a dance reality show, ‘Zara Nach Ke Dikha’ where television celebrities show their dancing jalwa re-lived when the contestants grooved on her hit numbers. Ecstatic Shilpa said, "The girls performed on a medley of my songs for an act and in similar costumes that I wore in my songs... made me very nostalgic and brought back some beautiful memories that made me a tad bit emotional (don`t know why) in a good way".

Raj and Shilpa are going great after marriage.