Raj to go on a long break for Shilpa, baby

Shilpa Shetty’s due date is this month end and the excited father Raj Kundra can’t wait for the arrival of the bundle of joy. Raj Kundra wants to be by Shilpa’s side before the baby birth, during and after the child is born. He does not want to miss any of the moment and hence he is taking a long break from work.

Busy Raj has many projects lined up but for Shilpa and the new born, he is ready to push all the projects behind. “My wife is expecting now and this is the most important phase of my life and I don’t want to be very busy. So I have decided I am not going to go on anymore cricket matches and watch it at home together with Shilpa”, quips Raj.

“Once she delivers, I want to spend another month at home for my baby before I get back into business”, added Raj Kundra.

Raj is excited as well as nervous. “Lots of preparations are going on. I am nervous, but I am ready and excited. Everytime Shilpa has a doctor’s appointment, we go together, scans get done and we see this little baby moving”, adds Raj.

He is least bothered about the child’s sex but Raj said that whatever happens this time, he wants the opposite next time.