Raj Kundra takes a dig at Salman Khan

Businessman and husband of actor Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra has been facing the ire of Salman Khan’s fans recently after his somewhat negative comments about the superstar. Fans of Salman Khan flooded social media with posts criticizing and ridiculing Kundra. Trouble started when in an interview Raj Kundra took a dig at Salman by saying that he earns much more and would not like to be like him.

Kundra said, “That's true. And I don't see any fun in being like him…I can bet Salman doesn't earn that much...well, at least nowhere near me. I am in for making films only because my wife has been part of this industry…Ask him (Salman) probably he can tell you better. But I am not wrong in terms of calculations." He also said that he is unable to do films because his services are so expensive that he is ‘unaffordable’ by producers. 

The businessman who is known as one of the owners of the IPL team Rajasthan Royals, recently ventured into the gold and jewelry business. He is also producing a film the casting of which will be finalized shortly. After getting attacked by Salman fans for his seemingly arrogant comments, Kundra also countered with some Tweets of his own.

First he posted, "To all haters....all I have to say is when u do charity u don't need to talk about it. What I do when I do is none of your business. #kick" However he later deleted this particular post. Later he wrote, “Dear friends respect all work. Excel in what you do. Create multiple sources of income. Finally Mujey Iss interview mein 'Kick' Mila xx” He also posted, “To all the Senti'Mental' lot out there in a business interview I was asked would I act I said as a businessman i am unaffordable..period!!”  His final tweet on the matter said, “I'm disappointed at today's journalism, words r twekd frm interviews 4 sellable articles. I'd like to clarify I'm a businessman, not an actor!”  Raj Kundra and Salman are known to have some serious differences but he refused to reveal anything at the interview.

While Salman has remained unavailable for comment, another Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has expressed his unhappiness with this sudden criticism of Salman by Kundra. According to Akshay, Salman has a large heart and has generously helped people in their time of need. It is rare to find someone like him in the industry.