Raj Kundra gifts Shilpa and baby a flat in Noida

Raj Kundra time and again makes Shilpa happy and feel special by gifting her with precious and costliest gift. It was not very long when Raj gifted Shilpa a flat worth Rs 7 crore at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world in Dubai on her birthday in 2009 and now the businessman husband of Shilpa has bought a flat for Shilpa and the baby in Noida.

He purchased a sprawling 3000sqft duplex apartment in Noida's newest luxury residence Supernova. At 80 storeys, the building is the tallest in the area. A source told, "He had been visiting Noida frequently. Obviously he had been checking out properties there." Apparently, Kundra wanted to surprise his wife and new baby with a present which he has been planning for a long time.

After the success of his sports- based television show, he is looking forward to his new venture with Mary Kom which he has initiated with actor Sanjay Dutt. A friend of his said, "This is his gift to Shilpa. He owns a property in the tallest building in Dubai. And now, he has one in the tallest building in India."

Raj recently thanked Shilpa for her stardom status where he said that being married to a celebrity is quite a privilege as one gets a VIP treatment wherever one goes.

Shilpa and Raj blessed with a baby boy and they named him Viaan.