Raj gifts Shilpa an apartment in Dubai

On their first wedding anniversary, Raj Kundra gifts Shilpa Shetty an apartment in Burj Khalifa in Dubai. During a visit, Shilpa desires to have an apartment at the world’s tallest building and Raj fulfills her wish on their first anniversary as an anniversary gift.

Says a source close to the actress, "Shilpa was thrilled when Raj gifted her the luxury apartment. It's his wedding anniversary gift to her.

He gifted her the keys in Mumbai a week ago. She had visited Dubai a few months ago, had loved the building and expressed a wish of staying there.

The couple has taken a three-day break to celebrate their first wedding anniversary there. Raj also has something else planned for Shilpa - a lavish dinner with a few surprises thrown in."

Shilpa will design the interior after she returns from Bangkok where she will shoot a shampoo ad.

Unfortunately, the actress developed pharyngitis the day before she left for Dubai. Despite ill-health, she traveled to Dubai with Raj as Shilpa does not want to spill water on their wedding anniversary plans.