Rahul Raj Singh wants justice for himself, late girlfriend Pratyusha

Actor-producer Rahul Raj Singh, who is accused in the death case of his girlfriend Pratyusha Banerjee, has decided to take legal action against all those who have accused him of being a criminal.

Rahul wants justice not only for himself but also for his deceased girlfriend Pratyusha whose death, he feels, has been abused by her own friends who are making allegations against him thereby, maligning her character.  

Pratyusha, recognised for her role in ‘Balika Vadhu’, was found hanging at her Goregaon residence on April 1. The Bangur Nagar police investigating the suicide, booked and arrested her boyfriend Rahul in the case. He is currently out on (anticipatory) bail.

In an interview to a popular publication, Rahul said that if he were an abusive boyfriend, as claimed by Pratyusha’s friends, the actress could have walked out of the relationship. “Pratyusha had all the choice of rejecting me. She was not a village girl but a smart self-made career-centric woman and she decided to look upon me as her man,” he said.   

A few days after Pratyusha’s death, her friends, including actress Kamya Punjabi and producer Vikas Gupta organised a press conference and had openly accused Rahul of being responsible for the actress’ suicide. They had claimed that Rahul used to slap his girlfriend in public and had cheated on her.             

Refuting the allegations, Rahul claimed that Kamya in fact owed Rs 2.5 lakh to Pratyusha. He also dismissed Vikas’ claims that he has a nine-year-old son from his first marriage. “Where is the nine-year-old son they are talking about? Even I want to meet my so called son. Can someone please show?” Rahul asked.

Speaking about the allegations levelled-against him by Pratyusha's parents, Rahul claimed that the actress was in debt because her parents were taking all the money. “She was earning a lot but did not have a single property in her name. She in fact, did not have a single bank account in her name. All her accounts were in her and her mother Soma Banerjee's name and the cheques deposited were later shifted to Soma Banerjee's account.”

Rahul added that he helped Pratyusha open an account on her name some six months ago. And whatever amount he earned from reality show 'Power Couple' was deposited on Pratyusha's account only.

He further claimed that before Pratyusha's death, her parents had requested him to pay her EMIs and car loans and he has the proof of their messages as well. And now the same parents are accusing him of killing their daughter. "If I was after Pratyusha's money where is that money? The money must have been deposited in my account and I am ready to get all my accounts checked. In fact, Pratyusha was paying for each and every expense of her house and her family took the loan in her name,” he said.

He said Pratyusha's friends are misleading the public by sharing false information about him. He termed ‘shameful’ Dolly Bindra’s act of sharing Pratyusha's dead body pictures with media and on public platforms. Rahul specially names Leena Dias, who was an employee in his company, as a publicity hungry woman who has become famous by naming him in the Pratyusha death case.

"It is a fight for Pratyusha Banerjee and for me. I am taking legal action against all the people who have tarnished Pratyusha and my image in public,” Rahul said.