Rahul-Monica's romance hurts Salem

Gangster Abu Salem has claimed many times that he loves his wife Monica a lot and he is even ready to give her divorce if their marriage is coming on the way of her career. At the same time, he clears up that he is really upset as Monica is not coming open about the truth of their marriage and hiding from the world that she is a married woman. Salem is very depressed on looking the way Monica is romancing Rahul Mahajan on the show.  

According to Salem’s lawyer Pallavi Ashar, "He's obviously very jealous and hurt. Any man in his position would feel exactly like that. Salem has even told me that if their marriage is coming in Monica's way, he's ready to let her go, but, she has to state her intentions properly, even though he would like nothing better than being united with her."

Rahul is very much impressed with Monica’s simplicity and even expressed his desire to marry her. Anytime he is seen moving around Monica.

Lets see how far their love story goes.