Rahul Mahajan, Payal Rohatgi link-up illegally

Actress Payal Rohatgi who starred in Corporate, 36 China Town and Dhol is reported to share an illegal relationship with Bharatiya Janata Party leader and former union minister Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul Mahajan. It is also said that the sole reason of Rahul and his wife Shweta’s break-up is Payal. For quite sometime, Rahul and Shweta’s married life was going through a rough weather and Payal’s meddling has further acidified the situation. Her interference has acted like adding fuel on the fire.

Though Payal and Rahul are reluctant to open their mouth, the duo is very often spotted together. According to sources, Payal had thrown a big bash for Rahul at a five-star hotel and both played the role of a perfect host to their guests. Through out the party, they were closely connected.

Rahul and Payal had been friends for six years and Rahul’s ties off with his wife had brought the couple closer and Payal took the desired position. Rahul Mahajan was also involved in drug abuse case and was hospitalized for consumption of high dosage of drugs.