Rahul Mahajan is fine with Dimpy’s bikini shoot

Newly married Rahul Mahajan is fed up with media chasing him with the question of his wife bold scenes, career and bikini shoots. He put a full stop to all those questions by saying that he has no problem with Dimpy’s profession and bikini shoots.

He further defended his wife in the following way, “All these big stars who sport bikinis or kiss on screen are paid in crores, and get called classy. I don’t see any reason to make a hue and cry about Dimpy’s bikini shoots.”

Soon after the much publicized wedding, pictures and reports of Dimpy portraying bold scenes in Bengali film, ‘Hello Memsaheb’ and her bikini shoot flashed in the media which did not go well with Rahul and his wife.

Rahul justified, “She has told me everything about her past... it’s behind her now,” Mahajan says. “I don’t like people raising questions about my wife. She is my wife now and people should learn to respect her as Mrs Mahajan. I know who she is and I am proud of her.”

We can all say, past is past and hope the two moves forward in life with love and respect for each other.