Rahul Mahajan fights against Kushal Tandon's eviction

The reality show ‘Bigg Boss, season 7’ is a hugely popular program that is keeping the viewers guessing. The recent unexpected incident that took place was the eviction of the television serial actor Kushal Tandon on the basis of receiving lowest votes from the viewers. This came as a shock for all the BB7 viewers.

In the past week Kushal had received a huge number of votes from the ardent BB7 viewers. Salman Khan even mentioned his feat in the ‘Weekend ka Wow show’ of ‘Bigg Boss, season 7’. Salman referred to the discussion of Kushal and Gauhar in the Bigg Boss house about Kushal’s father gathering huge number of votes for his son. Though the cine star didn’t seem much pleased about Kushal’s father gathering votes for his son, using the subscription service of a mobile service provider. Nevertheless he did mention that Kushal had received huge number of votes from the viewers and won by a huge margin from his nearest popular contestant. The cine star even urged the other members to get more votes in turn to get competitive.

Therefore, we wonder how Kushal lost out in the voting from Gauhar and Ajaz. Did his popularity decline in only a few days? This raises the question whether the mid week eviction of Kushal was unfair. It seems Rahul Mahajan is having the same doubt. Rahul started a debate on Twitter about Kushal’s unfair ouster from the reality show and Twitted, “Friends if you [email protected]’s midweek elimination was unfair then plz RT now #BB7.” The topic has started trending in Twitter and has gained popularity throughout Wednesday and Thursday. At the last count the Tweet received 1,022 retweets and 252 favorites.

On being contacted, Rahul Mahajan told the reporter of Hindustan times that, "Though I am not watching this season, I am surprised to see Kushal getting evicted on grounds that he got less votes and that’s why I took to Twitter to ask if my followers also feel the same. He is very popular, and in all the reality shows that he has been part of, he has got huge votes. And I can’t understand how can Ajaz get more votes than him?”

Kushal in the meanwhile seems to have accepted his fate and is campaigning for his girlfriend, Gauhar. Kushal says, "Vote for my jaaannnnnn gau........a true winner...........a model for women power.....proud of her........".