Rahul Mahajan admitted to hospital

Rahul Mahajan again hit the headlines and this time for his health issue. He was admitted to Saifee Hospital at Charni Road around 1.30 am on Friday following chest pain. In the morning, he complained of chest pain and on his family doctor’s suggestion, he was admitted to the hospital. According to doctor’s report, Rahul’s blood pressure suddenly went down and he suffered pain in the chest.

But now his condition is reported to be stable and he will be released after treatment. "For the past few days, Rahul was not keeping well and finally we had to admit him today for treatment," said Sachin Patkar, Rahul's family doctor and consultant. "He is upset and disturbed for the last couple of days, so that could be a reason behind his low blood pressure."

Rahul Mahajan has been going through marital problem for couple of days. His wife Dimpy Mahajan claimed that Rahul physically tortured her. Later they settled issue and came together.