Rahul hit me twice, reveals girlfriend Payal

In a stunning revelation, Rahul’s ex-girlfriend Payal Rohatgi raised the curtain from the secret that she was beaten up by Rahul Mahajan twice. She spoke out Rahul’s violent nature. "He did hit me twice. Once he banged my head against the door. When Rahul is angry, he completely loses his mind." she revealed.

On being asked whether she had met Dimpy, the actress replied, "I don't live in the past. It's been a long time. But after hearing the news of beating I felt very bad for her, nobody should be treated like that. She is a woman I can understand that."

The actress also claims that things were not fine between Rahul and his new wife Dimpy. "When I spoke out about Dimpy and Rahul in a previous interview, Dimpy denied everything and said that all was fine between her and Rahul, but the next day the news of him beating her came out. This itself speaks a lot about how much was fine between them." she said.

Rahul and Payal became cozy at the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss' and the couple grabbed many eyeballs when Rahul lifted up Payal or became too intimate with her in the swimming pool.

Rahul's first wife Shweta Singh also claimed divorce on the basis of physical abuse.