Rahul Dev opens on 14-year age gap with girlfriend Mugdha Godse

Rahul Dev and his girlfriend Mughda Godse have an age difference of 14 years but the age gap did not bother the couple at all. Rahul Dev opened up about his age gap with girlfriend Mughda Godse. Rahul said even his parents had an age gap of 10 years.

He said on a talk show, “We have a nearly 14 year age gap and it did worry me, but then I realised that my parents had an age gap of 10 years too. So it’s not that big a gap. Also, I believe that till the time you are happy, age difference and everything else shouldn’t be an issue.”

Rahul’s first wife Rina died of cancer in 2009. They also have a son, Sidharth. Rahul and Rina were married for 11 years. Rahul met Mugdha in 2013 at a mutual friend’s wedding, and, on the same day he met his guru, Tarneiv ji. “It was not love at first sight, but we became friends at a common friend’s wedding. Throughout all the functions, we were together and we bonded really well. Post that, we started meeting each other, got close and fell madly in love. I must say, I am very lucky,” he added.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Rahul said about Mughda,“There is an overall sense of well-being and happiness between us. Coming from the same profession, we both know what it entails and try and help each other progress.”

Mugdha had added, “Our relationship has created positive changes in both of us. I had no apprehensions at all about being with Rahul. Everything just fell in place. You don’t think when you fall in love... that’s why they use the word ‘fall’ I guess.”