'Ragini MMS 2' trailer faces a ban on Youtube

With the adult entertainment star Sunny Leone appearing in the leading role, Ragini MMS 2 always promised to deliver something extra hot for the viewers. In fact, after the steamy scenes of its prequel Ragini MMS starring Kainaz Motivala and Rajkumar Rao, anticipation was building among the audience regarding the heat quotient of the film. The teasers and posters of the upcoming film that have been released promise to fulfill all the fantasies and more. It is well on the way of becoming one of the most daring films shown in mainstream Indian cinema in recent years. Now, excitement has almost reached a fever peach when, in an unprecedented move, YouTube had to issue a restriction on the latest poster of Ragini MMS 2.

Steamy kissing scenes of Ragini MMS 2 showing Sunny Leone doing what she does best have already been released, but the latest poster that was released recently has created a lot of interest. This is hardly unexpected as the luscious star has posed completely nude for the poster. Even the teasers of sunny in a hot pink bikini or her lesbian act with costar Sandhya Mridul did ot attract as much attention as this daring picture where the actress has gone completely nude. Within 2 days of its release on the YouTube channel of the Balaji Films, the poster recorded an amazing 1.5 million hits.

As per the censor rules, producers have to display their grade of certification before playing a film in a cinema hall, but the uncensored portions have traditionally been released over the internet so that viewers can enjoy all the scenes of the movie independently. However, Sunny Leone’s nude pose turned out too hot even for the free media of YouTube to handle and it has resorted to using its censoring tool to impose a restriction on its viewing. The poster has been flagged off as 18+. A warning is issued before viewing the poster. It reads,  “This video may be inappropriate for some users. By confirming, you agree that this warning will no longer be shown in the future.” So, now you will have to log in and verify your age before you get to see the poster.

However, this can only be good publicity as it is sure to arouse interest of more viewers. "While the restriction on viewing marginally slows down the number of views, forbidden content creates its own inquisitiveness and excitement. The trailer has met with an overwhelming response online and in cinemas. Someone who wants to watch a blend of horror and sex will mount over this hurdle with ease," says Tanuj Garg, CEO - Balaji Motion Pictures.