Race 2 makers face trials in High Court

The Delhi High court was extremely displeased with the content of a recent Bollywood film, ‘Race 2’. On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court showed its marked displeasure over some of the contents that were presented in the film. A petition had been filed against the film saying that the movie depicts vulgarity and nudity on a great scale. The displeased Judge of the High Court, Chief Justice D. Murugesan has exclaimed that one should think where the film industry is leading the youth of the nation. Films like this are making the children undisciplined. Such indecency cannot be tolerated in the context of Indian Cinema.

Along with the Chief Justice, Justice V. K. Jain has also expressed his displeasure while reviewing the petition. A source said that a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) was alleged against the film for depicting nude scenes and vulgar postures. After verifying the records, the film had been banned altogether. The court had to take action when the director as well as the producer of the film claimed the fact that the release of the film had been already cleared by the Central Film Certification Board or the CBFC. After seeking rigorous and verified information from the CBFC, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Government of Delhi, the court posted this matter for Friday.

A source has also reported that Teena Sharma, a social activist had filed the PIL. She had sought the immediate ban on the screening of this film. She had actually come forward to stop the movie from being telecasted in any television channels or cinema halls. She had also asked for the deletion of the scenes that showed nudity or vulgarity of any form before screening the film farther.

The bench of the High Court had already asked the Central Government to take up the plea that has been raised by Teena Sharma and to come to a decision within about 15 days at the most. However Teena did not receive any response from the Government and hence approached the High Court again to reach some conclusion.

She has reported that her plea has been raised to represent the various malicious actions that are taking place against women. She was extremely shocked to find the type of content this movie had when she went to watch it in a theatre. She also showed reports that said that among the 50 countries where the film has been screened, 40 countries have graded it as an adult movie. However, in India it was passed as a U/A film. We wonder what is happening at the censor board?