Raaz 3 had a good show on first day

Razz 3 had a decent opening on the first day. The movie has all the ingredients associated with a Bhatt film.  Passionate kissing, skimpy dressed actresses showing off their assets, angst and passion expressed with equal élan and Emraan Hashmi. The movie has them all.  

In between director Vikram Bhatt also manages to create a different world. The meeting of the atama, black magic and captivating and torturing of the souls are intriguing.  

The movie follows the trail of falling star and fading actress Shanaya, played by the sexy Bipasha Basu. Jealousy takes the better of her.  She takes refuge in black magic to get back her stardom from budding actress Sanjana (played by Esha Gupta). Thus she unleashes her evil web around her. She is helped in that by her boyfriend and director Aditya (Played by Emraan Hashmi).

NDTV’s Subhash K Jha aptly says: "Voodoo karle saajna… If your career starts to slip up, have no fear. Consult God. If He lets you down, consult his nearest rival Satan. Shake hands and even bed the devil, and you have an ally to work on your enemy.”

Aditya is perplexed at what he should do. But Shanaya has her own logic for him too. As she says, "If you love me, you can be stupid for me!" He has been subjected to mixed emotion of passion and possession.  He emotes his scenes too well. But our heart also goes out for Esha Gupta’s Sanjana. As the unsuspecting victim she is hunted down by evil spirits that take control of her body. Due to which she even bares everything in front of a large gathering.

Audiences too are happy with the movie. Some have said like, “very good movie, must to watch, some more horror scene can be there but still a good horror movie. fully paisa vasool.”

Speaking on the movie Preeti Arora of Rediff said, “There is a serious dearth of anything creative, genuine or even mildly engaging in Raaz 3. Too much cliché, too much sleaze, too much predictability and too much of everything that makes a bad movie.”

While some commented : “Film is watchable, 3d effect are good but I was expecting more effects there are only 3-4 high point in this film. Bips is looking very gorgeous and she acted very very nice, Emraan act was also good but the 2nd lady Gupta ji was so expressionless. Isha Gupta was the weakest point in this film. music is so avg and the sets are not scary. Over all film was nice film.”