Today's release: 'Raaz 3' calls for first day, first show

Horror flicks have always generated a lot of interest and anticipation amongst movie buffs. It is such a genre that people are bound to get glued to it. However, the risk lies in the execution of such a genre. Horror always has the chance of falling flat on its face if not made intensely. Least an actor or director would want is the audience to laugh while watching their horror movie.

The scenes need to be innovative that can arouse the chilling and creepy atmosphere at the theatres. If a horror film is well-made it has sure chances of being a blockbuster. Ekta Kapoor’s “Ragini MMS” did not even need stars to perform in the film. It did not even need an item number. Just the sheer fact that the plot was interesting, and its scenes were frightening that the film was a hit.

The upcoming film Raaz 3, which is all set to release on the 7th of September, is being touted as the ultimate horror film that Bollywood has ever seen. This film is the third instalment from the Raaz series. Let us look into the various features that have culminated into Raaz 3.

Storyline- the film is about one-time successful actress (Bipasha Basu) who is now gradually losing ground with the influx of new stars. She thus resorts to black magic to get back her fame by trying to destroy the newbie (Esha Gupta) and get back the love of her life-a producer, played by “Emraan Hashmi”, who is now interested in the new entrant.

Mahesh Bhatt’s camp and Bipasha Basu- this film marks the return of Bipasha Basu to the Bhatt camp. She had done her career’s first solo hit film “Raaz” starring Dino Morea with the Bhatts. Then she went on to do “Jism” starring her then- beau John Abraham. The film was a huge hit. After that she had not done films with the camp. After nearly a decade she has joined hands with the Bhatts and this has already created a lot of interest.

The cast- Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu have come a long way since their first and last film together titled “Footpath” which released in 2003. Emraan today other than being known as the “serial kisser”, now is also being known as a good performer after his last few films like “Once upon a time in Mumbai”, “The Dirty Picture” and “Shanghai” and is being taken seriously. Bipasha, on the other hand is known for carrying off bold scenes with élan and confidence. This duo is to watch out for. Also the newbie Esha Gupta who made her debut with “Jannat 2” has a lot of expectations to match.

Sensuality and oomph- Mahesh Bhatt is known for his adult content in his films. But isn’t adult content part of real-life human drama? Only that it is transcended into celluloid to grab eyeballs. But Bhatt camp is known for shooting it aesthetically.

The songs- whenever it is a Mahesh Bhatt or an Emraan Hashmi film people are sure to get good songs from their films. However, this time around none of the songs have been a rage though a few songs like ‘Rafta Rafta’ and “Oh my God” are melodious.

Horror genre and 3D- Horror genre is always a hit formula for making films but only if it is made well. The plot incorporates black magic which is a new theme in Bollywood. This is the day and age of three dimensional films. People are ready to pay extra money to get to watch 3D and the special effects. Action flicks are generally watched on the three dimensional format. However, a horror film in 3D format garners more interest. This is surely going to work wonders for the Raaz 3 team if the film has a strong script and creepy scenes.