RA.One promotions on new heights with social games, comic books and much more

Ra.OneSRK is leaving no stones unturned to promote his upcoming super hero movie Ra.One so as to ensure its success.

The usual Bollywood movie marketing techniques like posters, interviews and grand launch of the movie music seemed to be ordinary when SRK decided to launch a full fledged video game version of the movie, which can be played on the Sony Play station.

Looks like SRK was not satisfied with this also and we now find a social game based on Ra.One, a digital comic book among much other merchandise.

This kind of promotion using a digital comic book is first of its kind for a Bollywood movie. It is expected to reveal the prequel of the plot and give insights to the readers about the origins of the superhero character Ra.One, gradually, on a weekly basis.

The new social game will be available on the social marketing sites, iPads and iPhones in the form of free downloads, which in turn will ensure that the film’s promotion reaches the mass users of these sites and gadgets. In the words of Vishal Gondal, CEO, UTV Indiagames “We are trying to target the masses with brand Shah Rukh Khan”.

The game, which was designed with the active participation of Shahrukh Khan, will not be based on the movie line up. This seems to be a well thought out strategy, as it will keep the interests alive for the actual movie; while at the same time will provide the players with a flavour of the upcoming grand release.

“It is a high-end gaming experience globally even for those who do not know Shah Rukh Khan. For those who do, it’s a bonus.” says Gondal.

The SRK production house is beloved to be spending a whopping 3-4 million USD in the movies online promotion including the game and other stuff. It is a substantial change from the normal trend that is seen in Bollywood where games are used as movies promotional tools only. But the games of Ra.One are one-off games with a different story line than that of the movie, it is speculated that SRK is trying to generate some business out of his huge efforts to enter the gaming arena.

The official movie site for Ra.One also features some other exciting merchandise to buy which includes a Ra.One action figure, exclusively signed by SRK.