R. Madhavan: I still can’t figure out why Mani Ratnam cast me four times!

R. MadhavanR. Madhavan now wants to unlearn acting. “I’ve exhausted myself — that is why every role I do seems like a repetition. It’s the time to unlearn and start afresh,” he quips.
He talks about being open to new challenges. Does that mean direction is on the cards? “I don’t think I’ll make a good director,” he says.
“I still can’t figure out why Mani Ratnam cast me four times!”

On Bollywood, his funda is clear: “I definitely want to do a lot more work in Bollywood, but my bread and butter lies in the South. Luckily or unluckily I’ve had the luxury to work in one film at a time.”

So, what’s his mantra of selecting films? “What drives me towards a film is the story and the screenplay. I want to do stuff that everyone from 18 to 80 can enjoy. I don’t want to be embarrassed about my work.”

He feels his journey from TV to cinema has been satisfying: “I’ve always thought out of the box. Interestingly, the entertainment industry has taken huge steps, redefining the meaning of success.”

Any regrets? “Just one — I don’t have 16-inch biceps!”

Courtesy: HT City