‘Queen’ Trailer Out: Kangana’s extraordinary honeymoon

Brace yourself! The first trailer of the movie ‘Queen’ starring kangana Ranaut and as we watch the trailer, we have to admit, the film looks really promising.

‘Queen’ – a movie whose first look had a de-glam avatar of Kangana introducing herself as ‘Myself, Rani’ has created quite a wave of interest with its new trailer. The first look of the movie had taken an interesting turn of promotion by asking random people for tips for Rani’s first honeymoon which had led to quite a few funny replies. Rani had seemed very coy and excited about her ‘first marriage’ and ‘first honeymoon’. To be fair, although we applauded the creativity adopted for the promotion, it was assumed to be a usual love story or a travel based movie like ‘Zindagi na Milegi Dobara’.

All these speculations are put to rest with the trailer. It is a hilarious watch as it starts with a wailing and definitely drunk Kangana saying ‘Mera itna life kharaab ho gaya, itna life kharaab ho gaya!’ She has supermodel Lisa Haydon comforting her with a glass of ‘sharaab’.

Flashbacks provide us the answer to Rani’s misery. Her husband who was supposed to accompany her on her honeymoon is not present. She announces that she has come alone for her honeymoon in Paris and Amsterdam. She says that it took the guy four years to woo her after which she finally conceded. And now she is alone. She says she is definitely sure he has definitely had sex in London. The film takes us quickly through a short trip of how she gets over her sorrow and has myriad experiences in ‘phoren’ lands. Soon she is seen dancing in clubs, talking to random people and having some good and not so good times as she gets mugged once.

The attractive feature of the film is Kangana’s genuine acting as the simple Delhi bred girl Rani, complete with the attire of jeans, kurta, skirts and sweaters. She has pulled the character of Rani extremely convincingly with the way she talks, her simple sincere cute factor, her accent and her endearing whining at the start of the trailer. Her comic timing is praiseworthy. The reason for her husband’s (played by Rajkumar Yadav) absence is not mentioned, which we can assume to be the twist of the movie. The movie is to be released on 28thFebruary, 2014. It is a definite must watch movie!