Qandeel Baloch’s father wants his son to be “shot”

The parents of slain Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch, and Anwar Bibi expressed their pain at the murder of their daughter by her own brother Waseem. The said Waseem should be punished, including those who goaded him for the heinous act.

“I say he should be shot on sight. He suffocated my little one,” Qandeel’s father Mohammad Azeem said. Her mother said Waseem lost his mind because of taunts about his sister's frank and often risqué posts online, local media reports stated.

The 26-year-old model shot to fame in conservative Pakistan after she started posting her bold and raunchy pictures and videos on social media. Her brother Waseem, 30, was accused of strangling her to death last week. Wassem admitted that he had drugged her before killing her, as she was dishonouring the family name.

In their first interview with international media, Qandeel’s parents said they had also been drugged on the night of the murder.

“We were drugged, asleep upstairs. She must have called out to us,” her father said. He added that his daughter was his “best friend” but claimed that his son Waseem had been “crazed.” Md Azeem’s wife said, “My husband and I fell deep asleep. We had drunk milk, it had been mixed with sedatives.”

She also added that she used to share all her secrets with her daughter. “We were mother and daughter, sharing all our sorrows and secrets. She used to tell me ‘Your daughter is working hard, she’ll go far’.”

Anwar Bibi further said, “In the morning, I called Qandeel for breakfast… but she didn’t get up.” Describing Qandeel’s corpse, she said, “Her whole face was covered in bruises, her tongue was black, her lips were black.”

Qandeel was murdered on the night of July 15. Accused Waseem, who was produced by police before a news conference on Sunday, (July 17), said that he acted after she posted a video in which she appeared with a prominent Islamic cleric and appeared to be mocking him.

Police are treating it as a case of ‘honour killing’. Waseem remains in custody and hasn’t been formally charged with a crime. Police have said they plan to charge him with murder.