Puneet Issar’s daughter Nivriti denies tweet against Karishma

Pueet Issar’s daughter Nivriti Issar strongly denied posting any such derogatory tweets against the ‘Bigg Boss 8 contestant’, Karishma Tanna. Nivriti Issar’s recent tweet about actor Karishma’s father, which reads — "Did her father die a natural death? Or did he kill himself for having a daughter like her who has no sense? (sic)" went viral on net and following the tweet, Karishma’s fans strongly reacted and slammed Nivriri for posting such unpleasant tweets.   

However, a shocked Nivriti told that she did not post the tweet and that a fake account has been created in her name, "It is a fake account and I was not the one who tweeted this," she says, adding, "Why will I say such a thing. It is so juvenile and I have nothing against Karishma. This is a shameful thing to say. I love my dad and will definitely not comment on someone else’s dad, who is no more, in this manner."

She hopes to reach out to Karishma’s mother in order to clarify her stand. "I hope I could reach out to her and tell her that it was not me who did this," she says. 

On the show, Punnet and Karishma fight now and then and it is assumed she has posted the tweet out of anger. "My father also loses his temper, and so do the others. I am sure Karishma does not talk to her elders the way she speaks to my father in the show. We have nothing against anyone on the show at all," she says. Nivriti said, “The tweet was posted from a fake account. Several media houses have reported about it without even verifying it with me. I immediately clarified regarding the same on my account. My family and I have been so disturbed ever since the tweet was posted. I am a daughter and my father is alive. I would never write anything against any daughter. I have never spoken against any evicted inmate even though they have gone all out against my father. Why would I do something now?”

This tweet however did not go well with Karishma’s mother Jasmine as she said, “The tweet was disturbing and I cried a lot after learning about it. I have no clue why Puneet is projecting my daughter in that manner by calling her a bimbette and mitti ka madhav. I felt bad. He is behaving strangely as he supports her on some days and goes all out against her on other days. Karishma had called him her father because she actually saw a father figure in him. And with the latest tweet, Nivriti has proved that she is his daughter and is negative. While he keeps telling Praneet to not indulge in Shakuni-niti, he himself is indulging heavily in duryodhan-niti.”

Nivriti on her part too made an apology to Karishma and her family. She said, “It’s just a game show and not the end of the world. I am sure they don’t feel any malice towards anyone as it’s not them, but the circumstances that have pushed them to react in a particular manner. I am sure they would reconnect and become friends once they are out of the house. One tends to react strangely because of the unnatural circumstances they live in. The tweet is shameful. I have a clear conscience and am God-fearing. But I would like to apologize if the tweet has hurt Karishma’s family.”