Puneesh gifts a diamond ring to Bandgi on her birthday

Bandgi Kalra celebrated her first birthday with boyfriend Puneesh on Friday night and the birthday girl received a stunning diamond ring from his beau as a birthday girl. Bandgi shared the picture of her finger on her social media account. After ‘Bigg Boss 11’ ended, the couple headed to Bali for vacation.

"About future plans, we will talk about in future only. Right now, we will focus on career. They (parents) were asking me what kind of a person he is. Some things they like about him, some things they didn't. The way I know him they don't. They watch him only for 40 minutes. Let him come out and then they will see for themselves," Bandgi had told us exclusively after coming out of the house.

Recently gossip mills churned that ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestants Puneesh and Bandgi were thrown out of the house by their landlord for creating ruckus. However, Bandgi totally squashes off the report.

She was quoted as saying, "I am surprised at all these stories. The news of me being thrown out of the house had also emerged when I was in Bigg Boss and now it's back."

She feels people is trying to malign her image.

"I don't understand how people can report the same kind of news again and again. It's complete rubbish. I don't know why people are after our lives. I am right now at my place comfortably, so have no idea where did such news come from."

It is strongly buzzed that Bandgi and Puneesh are in a live-in relationship. Regarding the rumours of her being in live-in relationship with Puneesh, Bandgi said, "It's all fake. Puneesh has been staying in a hotel nearby, alone and I stay in my house."

"We do media interactions together and go out for dinners and parties but we are not living in together. In fact, Puneesh is house hunting in Mumbai to have a proper place to live."

People feel that Bandgi and Puneesh are faking love. Regarding this, Bandgi tells, "Some people enjoy spreading negativity and are plain jealous to see us together. In fact, they are actually doing free PR for us."

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