PUMA's golfy event

Sohail Khan and Dino Morea at PUMA Golf collection launch


One is an Italian mafia cum rapper wannabe while the other is about to go out for a jog. Someone please tell us what were actors Dino Morea and Sohail Khan thinking before they attended this event in this kind of attire? No doubt the event was a casual one, but it surely wasn’t a theme party, guys. Also is Sohail the new brand ambassador for Puma?


Sohail Khan with kids


Since Sohail Khan’s acting career does not seem to be going anywhere, he has decided to take up baby sitting as his next career option. Sohail should also take some style tips from star brother Salman Khan. Also didn’t someone say Sohail’s wife Seema Khan is a fashion designer, so did she design this outfit Sohail?


Dino Morea chilling with Nandita Mehtani


Well it is the sometimes we’re on; sometimes we’re off couple, Dino and Nandita. So Dino and Nandita have you guys finally made up you’re mind about the status of this relationship or are you guys now just ‘good friends’. But hey Dino, what about Lara Dutta, remember her. Well these guys sure are keeping each other as well as us guessing.


Pooja Bedi with boyfriend Hanif


Pooja Bedi definitely seems to be a fickle minded person. She had a relatively short film career, then a relatively short marriage. Recently she was seeing choreographer Hanif Hilal, but she changed her mind about that too and split with him, but then she changed it again and is now back with him. Whew..she is one confused woman, we must say. But boyfriend Hanif couldn’t be happier; obviously he does need Pooja to rise in life.


Checkout the event in video.