Puja Banerjee is pregnant, to take pheras with Kunal Verma after baby arrives

Newly married Puja Banerjee is set to welcome first child with her actor husband Kunal Verma and they are quite excited and looking forward to welcome the new member to the family.

In an interview with The Times Of India, the elated mommy-to-be said, "Yes, Kunal and I are excited about entering this new, beautiful phase in our lives. I am in a happy space now, and have been enjoying my personal time. In fact, I have not stepped out of my apartment since April."

Puja wished to work during pregnancy, but due to pandemic she is taking precautions, Puja said, "I would have continued working even during pregnancy, but due to the pandemic, I felt that it was important to take precautions and stay at home. I plan to get back to work by next year and hopefully, the pandemic will be over by then." 

Puja and Kunal registered their wedding but due to pandemic their plan to wed according to traditional rituals got shelved.

Revealing her baby shower and plans for a traditional wedding after the little one arrives, Puja continued, “We had a lot of dreams for our wedding, and had planned everything to the T. However, the pandemic changed everything and even my mother, who lives in Kolkata, could not attend our registered wedding. I am hoping to have a regular ceremony and do my pheras with Kunal after the baby arrives. Hopefully, my mother will also be able to attend it.”

Congratulations to Puja and Kunal!