Producer Karim Morani tests negative for Covid-19, returns home

Actress Zoa Morani confirmed that her father Karim Morani tested negative for Coronavirus. The ‘Chennai Express’ producer returned home and he will be in quarantine for 14 days as a precautionary measure. He underwent treatment at Nanavati hospital.

"To my friends and family with gods grace and kindness (I) am back home as I have now tested negative twice. I was very comfortable at Nanavati hospital where I remained asymptotic through my stay, I must say every department from the government to the medical warriors are doing a fantastic job," Morani said in a statement.

"I will now quarantine as required in my room only for a further 14 days. It's a big relief to be back home thank you all for your prayers. God bless you stay safe," he added.

Both his daughters Shaza Morani and Zoa Morani also tested positive for Covid-19 but they have recovered and back home.

Apart from the trio, singer Kanika Kapoor also tested positive for Covid-19 but she also recovered well.