Watch: Priyanka’s ‘Exotic’ single with Pitbull leaked online

Before Priyanka Chopra would officially release her new Exotic single album, her latest song from the album was leaked online. In the new track, Priyanka sings with none other than Pitbull. No sooner the song released online, it went viral. Priyanka Chopra’s fan went crazy to hear her latest album and they liked it immensely.

The singing sensation instead of reacting strongly over the leaking of the album, she took the matter sportingly and tweeted, “Ok... so... my new single `Exotic` has been leaked! I should be angry but I`m actually quite relieved & happy to share it with You all. The official version is out any minute now.... wait for it!! And as always, let me know what you guys think.”

Priyanka and Pitbull’s latest number is a party song and it would surely set the dance floor on fire. The song will surely hit the musical chartbuster. It’s catchy tune is sure to take the breathe of her fans.

Here is PC’s new ‘Exotic’ for her fans to rock and roll!