Priyanka working out to bring Jiban's body back to India

Priyanka Chopra is a busy celebrity with her hands full. Recently she was extensively touring the different parts of US and Vancouver, Canada. Her personal assistant Jiban Patra was also touring with her. The hard working loyal PA was the much needed support system for piggy chops on the foreign shores. Unfortunately Jiban didn’t get a visa for Canada so Priyanka had to leave him behind in Los Angeles as she went to Canada. On April 7th 2013, his body was found in the room of a LA hotel. The police was promptly called to the site and after an investigation they declared that Jiban had succumbed to a massive heart attack.

As the grieving family of Jiban Patra silently mourns, it seems that bringing his body back to India has become a herculean task as the cost for it is estimated to be a big $15,000. It seems no one is ready to pick up the tab. It is heard that Priyanka’s manager is speaking to the Indian embassy to work out a solution to this situation. A spokesperson from Priyanka’s office stated that, "This is a very unfortunate and unexpected situation. Our deepest condolences go out to Mr. Patra's family. Our aim throughout was to ensure that Mr. Patra remains were brought back to his family at the very earliest.''

A $15,000 in Indian currency converts to Rs. 8,10,000 approximately. We wonder whether it is such a huge sum for a Bollywood super star to bear! If the film star can demand lakhs and crores of Rupees for acting in a movie or commercial, can’t she spare paltry eight lakhs to bring back the body of her deceased PA who was on official tour with her. This negligence in Priyanka’s part may cost her high public relation points. We cannot imagine the bubbly desi girl to be so heartless towards her own staff.

As the family of Jiban looks up to Priyanka and the Indian embassy, for his body to be brought back home the Orissa community in US have decided to take action, as Jiban was also from Orissa. They have also taken up the dialogue with the Indian embassy and created a fund to collect the necessary amount to send his body back. The Indian community has also started to pressurize Priyanka so that she does what is her expected of her.