Priyanka wants to marry a Punjabi guy

It’s a Punjabi guy in Priyanka Chopra’s wish list. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra reveals her dream man. She wants to marry a Punjabi Munda. Priyanka who celebrated her 28th birthday recently has a plan to tie the knot with the man of her choice after five years.

Here’s the quality what Piggy Chops wants to be in her Mr. Right. According to her, he should be romantic as well as well mannered.  He should not tolerate any insult towards her and should have the bent to smash down anyone who misbehaves with her.

'I'm a complete drama-momma. I'd marry a guy who punches someone's eye because he looked at me. But God normally disposes what I propose. So he may give me the exact opposite of what I am looking for', quotes Priyanka Chopra.

If we put a little stress in our mind, we will find two most eligible bachelors Punjabi Munda in Bollywood. It is Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapur. Priyanka has already been associated with Shahid Kapur but she is yet to make news with Ranbir Kapoor. It may happen very soon as Priyanka and Ranbir are sharing space for Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Anjana Anjaani’.