Priyanka to sing in 'Zanjeer' remake

If the grapevines of the Bollywood are to be believed, then the charming lady Priyanka Chopra is all set to sing in the remake of the classic film, ‘Zanjeer’. We all know that the lady is a good singer and her first album is due to release soon, as well.

Priyanka has trained to master western classical songs before her film days. As she put it in the IIFA awards, it was a dream for her parents to see her create her first song album and she dedicates the album to them. She has signed for the album with Universal Music Group. Now  it is the turn of the fans to get their hands on the album.

In between all the hum drums about the singing talent of Priyanka, the fans are quite eager to learn about her crooning in the film. A person from the team of Zanjeer remake team quoted as "Apoorva (director of Zanjeer remake), who has quite an ear for music, is completely charmed by Priyanka's singing. But he is in no hurry to record with her. Since he starts shooting with her only in October, he can wait for her to finish her international album and then record his song with her. She wants her first film song to be as special as her first international album. The song in the new Zanjeer will be something tailored specially for her voice."

It is heard that the dusky beauty is getting handful of offers for singing, as soon as her news about recording an international album became public. The actress is bound by her contract and is restricted to sing in public media until the album releases. Whew! The fans will have to wait.

The Desi girl is not only singing the songs for the album but writing them as well. She is evidently excited about her album release. As is evident from her Twitter quotes on 9th July.

“I dunno how the album will end up,all I hope is that my dad n y'all who have always supported me in all the risks I have taken,r proud of it.”

“..but to really experience magical.From the melody comin out of nowhere to the words tht just spring up.I'm lucky to have this chance.”

“Sitting by the pool before studio n thinkingwhat kind of song to make used to fascinate me when dad wud talk about how musics made.”

We wish her all the best in her new role as a singer.