Priyanka's father is sick

Though Priyanka Chopra is delivering hit after hit and has ample big budget films in her kitty, she is not resting in solace and enjoying her success as her father Dr Ashok Chopra is not keeping in good health for quite sometime. After he was diagnosed with a tumor in his liver way back in 2005, one after another complications tortured him. Dr Chopra's ill-health has been a great concern for the family members. Concerned about father's ill-health, Priyanka Chopra for last few days making a round of hospital. 

A close friend of Priyanka revealed, "Last week, Priyanka came from an outdoor shoot and realized that her father was not in his usual element. She told him to go to a doctor for a through check-up. The doctors told Priyanka's father that he has an abscess and pus formation between his liver and the diaphragm. Dr Chopra had to be operated."

"Priyanka wanted to postpone going to the US for the shoot of Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Rashee? as she was quite worried about her father's health. However, after the operation, Dr Ashok was feeling much better and she could leave for the US on time. Priyanka did want to stay back and join the unit of What's Your Rashee? after a few days, but thankfully that kind of a situation did not arise," added the source.

As the operation has been carried out successfully and Dr Chopra is back home, the family members heave a sigh of relief.

"Priyanka looks after me very well. She was with me in the hospital throughout. She is worried about me. She knows her priorities and is a family-oriented girl," said the proud father.