Priyanka's bikini show in Dostana

Priyanka Chopra in FashionMuch has been written and spoken about Priyanka Chopra’s beach wear in Dostana but finally she revealed that she is going to wear bikini as the film demands so. Earlier she was hesitant to wear two piece swimsuit as it was against her principle but things suddenly took a new turn and she gave her consent to director Tarun Mansukhani to wear revealing attire.  

Piggy Chops describes her bikini story in the following words, "The producer Karan Johar didn't ask me to wear a bikini. And I wouldn't be comfortable in one. But this is a beach movie. So it's only natural that I get into beach-wear. And I don't mind at all. Because everyone else will be wearing even tinier clothes."

Priyanka had a gala time while shooting with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham. It is known to all that Abhi is a prankster and they had a blast working together. "I've worked with Abhishek and John before. But never like this. Their bonding is infectious. Dostana was one big party. It's a beachside sporty film. And I'm very much a water babe. The director Tarun Mansukhani's is new but his wit sparkles. He’s written a really urbane tongue-in-cheek comedy”, she quips.