Priyanka refuses to dance in a hotel

Priyanka Chopra has been paid a whopping amount of Rs 3 crore to groove during New Year eve but she has turned down the offer as Piggy chops is not reluctant to dance in front of a live audience.

States an insider, "A five star hotel in suburban Mumbai did come up with the Rs. 3 crore offer for New Year's eve, but Priyanka was very uncomfortable dancing in hotels in front of a live audience and she turned them down very politely. The fee was huge and the hotel officials kept coaxing her, but Priyanka was adamant that she would not accept the offer."

The money that she was offered was double than what she gets in a single film. A source reveals as why the actress turned down the offer. After a year’s long hardship, she has acquired the ‘diva’ image and she is not ready to tarnish her image for some amount.