Priyanka ready to lip-lock with a girl

Priyanka Chopra might have enacted many bold scenes on-screen but when it comes to go complete nude, it’s a straightway no-no from the dusky beauty as Piggy Chops is not comfortable going nude in movies.

Piggy Chops said, "Nudity is something that I wouldn't be comfortable with. Even if I play the most complex and weird parts which are raunchy or whatever it has to be, the portrayal of a character is to a point where it is aesthetically done.”

Though she is uncomfortable to bare it all, Priyanka Chopra doesn’t mind lip-locking with a girl if the script demands provided the lass is hot and sexy.

She prefers kissing a girl than going nude, the actress said, "If it was in a part that I was really eager to do, I would still consider it but as of now, nothing has made me do that. Also a prerequisite is that she has to be hot.”

We guess what her boyfriend Shahid Kapoor has to yes.