Priyanka promotes her debut album 'In My City'

Priyanka Chopra lovingly known as Piggy Chops among her friends and fans is all set to groove the globe with her debut solo music album ‘In My City’. She has started her journey to become one among the leading pop stars in the country and is doing quite well. The Actor turned heads with her singing talent that she kept under veil all this while.

‘In My City’ the single stands to be Priyanka’s first major international collaboration, which features international artist William James Adams (stage name is the American rapper, song writer, singer, entrepreneur, DJ, actor and producer. The single that was written by Ester Dean and produced by RedOne Production (RedOne Production also produces music for Lady Gaga) was introduced by to our Bollywood beauty.

This is not the first time Priyanka was approached for singing, she was offered to sing by many Indian composers before but she turned down the offers since she was too shy for it and wasn’t yet ready. She although mentioned that she recorded a number with Vishal and Shekhar for the movie ‘Bluffmaster’ but at the end of the day the song was not released.

As per the lyrics, Priyanka says that those are not about any one city as she was brought up in many different cities across the country. She was born to parents who were both Army Physicians and took her to different cities during the course of their postings.

The Pop song ‘In My City’ reverberate the urban party and clubbing culture also debuted in the NFL in the United States some time back, while the album is scheduled to launch by the summer of 2013 is already creating ripples with its lyrics and gathered eyeballs.  

The dusky beauty also spoke about her career in acting and as her excitement and enthusiasm about her debut single and its promotion was oozing out from her eyes.

She promoted her single ‘In My city’ and got the party started as the brand ambassador of the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour across four clubs in NCR. The Four clubs includes Hard Rock Café, Buzz, Striker and Seven Degrees. Where in HRC and Buzz are the clubs from Delhi, while Striker and Seven Degrees belong to Gurgaon.

The actor dressed in black skin tight jeans and a shimmery gold top looked stunning in the attire and gave her fans and herself a break from her signature body hugging dresses.